Best Folding Knife

Best Folding Knife
Choosing the best folding knife can seem like a daunting task with so many brands and styles. This website aims to help focus your attention on exactly which style of folding knife suits you best for your individual needs. Do you want a folding knife for camping, a tactical knife for survival or the military, a hunting knife, or are you looking for the best folding knife for everyday use? Don’t worry the task is not that difficult once you know what you are looking for in a knife. To help you find the best folding knife lets look at the varieties, styles and uses, of the most common folding knives.

The Best Folding Knife Styles

Swiss Army Knives

These folding knives feature a variety of small multi tools and come in many different styles from the most basic single blade to the massive Expedition Kit which has 43 separate tools, including a barometer, led light, wire stripper, spirit level and chisel. If you are after a a relatively compact and feature filled knife for hiking or camping then a swiss army knife may the the best folding knife for you.

Pocket Knives

Like the swiss army knife minus the tools, a pocket knife is designed to be small enough to carry in your pocket. They are usually between 2-6 inches long and are considered indispensable for camping or hiking. My dad never went any where without his pocket knife and for him it was the best folding knife.

Folding knives with a locking blade

No matter what style of folding knife you eventually choose, for safety , it is highly recommended that you get a knife with a locking blade. These knives have a locking mechanism which engages once the blade is released, a trigger must be pressed before the blade can be folded back into the handle.

Multiple Tool Knives

Not to be confused with a swiss army knife, this style typically has a variety of tools multi purpose tools built in. The tools may vary from the everyday things like can or bottle opener to more specialty tools like pliers, saws and screwdivers.

Serrated Blades

Folding knives with a serrated blade are designed for a more aggressive cutting action and are good for dressing game or sawing wood. The saw like blade is generally scalloped specifically for this purpose. Having serrations also means the knife can cut longer than a straight blade.

Straight Edge Knives

A folding knife with a straight edge blade is often the choice for those looking for a survival knife. The straight edge blade is easier to sharpen than a serrated blade and a good knife can still carve, chop and cut.

Drop Point Folding Knife

This style of knife is the hunters choice. Generally with a thick curved blade and rugged design. Designed of field cleaning.

Combination Edge

This style of folding knife has a blade that is part serrated and part straight. Designed to offer the most flexibility. Our choice for the best folding knife is this style, but depending on you needs you may feel another style is more suitable.

The Best Folding Knife – Maybe A Tactical Folder

Tactical Folding KnifePerhaps the best folding knife for you is a combat or tactical folder? If you are in the military or law enforcement, or if you just feel the need for discrete self protection, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Since the early 1990’s brought about more restrictive gun laws in the US demand for this type of folding knife has risen dramatically. The top companies producing tactical folding knives are Buck Knives, Benchmade, Spyderco, Gerber, Kershaw Knives, CRKT, Ka-Bar and SOG. Like all the best folding knife manufacturers these companies all produce high quality knives and all have a reputation for lasting craftsmanship and quality materials.
Some tactical folders like the Ka-Bar Desert Mule and the CRKT Carson Desert Folders are versatile combat utility knives that perform well as both a tactical and a utility knife. The best folding knife for tactical uses have all been designed for use by the military and so are guaranteed to stand up to just about anything.

So what is the best folding knife for you? As you can see it depends on what you want to use it for. Each style of knife will perform and feel differently from the others. Technically folding knives have improved enormously over the old style traditional pocket knife. Better materials and innovative opening systems have made much improvement. In the end the best folding knife is an individual choice focus you attention on your needs and the choice should become clear.